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Slovenian EURO presentation

Each of the euro area countries can choose different designs for the reverse sides of the euro coins. The national side of the coin thus indicates the country of issue.

Slovenia selected the following designs for its euro coins:

2 euro
Dr. France Prešeren

Is the greatest Slovenian poet. His poetic work made the Slovenian literature stand up to the European level. after Slovenia became independent the penultimate verse of his poem Zdravljica (A Toast) became the national anthem.

1 euro
Primož Trubar

He was a Protestant reformer, founder of the Slovenian literary language and author of the first ever printed book in Slovenian language. Thanks to his work Slovenians became part of the European cultural area.

50 cents

Is the highest peak in the Julian Alps and has always been a symbol of Slovenian identity.

20 cents

Is a troughbred horse that has been bred at the Lipica stud farm since 1580.The Lipizzaner resulted from crossbreeding the then Karst horses with Andalusian, Italian, Danish and,at a later date Arabian breeds.

10 cents
Plečnik's project of Slovenia'sparliament

is an unrealised project for the Slovenian parliament designed by architect Jože Plečnik. It reprisents his vision of an independent slovenian state. 


5 cents
The Sower

is motif frequently painted. He sows seeds with a vehement gesture. Suspended above ground, they resemble the disposition of planets in elliptical orbits of prepentual motion.

2 cents
Duke's throne

Until 1414 the ancient Sovereign Stone was used in the principality of Carantania to inaugurate new dukes in a ceremony performed in Slovenian language.

1 cent
The stork chooses a chimney or a roof-top to build its nest on. Hardly any other bird is linked so closely to human beings. It represents good hope, it stands for a long life and is one of the oldest symbols of birth.
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